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To compliment the extensive range of vehicle restraint systems there are a variety of accessories also available.

These range from square or rectangular safety beams, pedestrian and cyclist hand extension railings to pedestrian parapets and general fencing.

Our climate is breaking down.  Sea levels are rising, the atmosphere is warming and pollution is out of control.  It is our collective responsibility to act diligently and to create our own Net Zero commitments.  Roughly two-thirds of plastic waste generated in the UK is sent overseas to be “recycled”, some 611,000 tonnes of plastic, much of which ends up polluting the seas. That’s why we launched the Go Green product range.  Go Green is our personal commitment towards protecting the environment and to reduce unwanted materials dumped into our seas.   We have invested in new machinery and new environmentally friendly techniques to create useful, longer lasting and commonly used general fencing and pedestrian parapet products from recycled plastics as our contribution to reducing pollution and waste.  The benefit of these systems is not just in recycling, but durability as well.  Since plastics generally has a longer shelf life and does not require corrosion protection, these systems will last considerable longer than steel.

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