The Etway Solar Sound Panel (SSP) has been developed to provide a suitable and sustainable response to the challenges of reducing noise pollution to urban and industrial areas whilst using the natural environment to create renewable energy.

The Sound Solar Panel (SSP) originates from the concept to integrate traditional products such as acoustic noise barriers with photovoltaic panels to offer a product capable of solving issues with noise pollution in areas where noise pollution mitigation is required and simultaneously capable of producing electricity from a renewable source, and has the potential to generate economic return on the investment through feed-in tariffs.

Integration provides the ideal opportunity to save space and finance.

Installation can be adapted to suit the purpose of the desired application; perimeter fencing around housing developments or commercial sites, or alongside railway lines, adjacent to motorways - each application can generate sufficient energy to service the facility.

Railway lines can be powered by SSP, motorway gantries, housing estates, street furniture can all be powered with Etway SSP system by creating renewable energy.


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