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making use of discarded plastic.....

Working in conjunction with a fully integrated supply chain, FerroStrada is delighted to offer a range of stock, perimeter and general fencing produced from 100% recycled plastics. From knee height rails to 3-rail and pedestrian fencing our recycled plastics range of fencing can cater for all project description applications.

Converting to recycled plastics will challenge the obvious pressures associated with global warming and will significantly reduce excess waste to landfill and to our seas.

Recycled plastics is a real alternative to wood products, particularly fencing, with longer lasting benefits not just with the obvious environment challenges but also in maintenance.  Recycled plastics will last considerably longer in-situ versus any wooden based product, which means there is no valid reason why recycled plastics should not be the primary option.

Changing from wood to recycled plastic will relieve pressure on forestry felling and has particularly useful attributes towards the reduction of carbon emissions due to peripheral matters such as kiln drying and the elimination of preservatives. Recycled plastics do not require preservatives and therefore processes associated with preservation (of wood) including chemicals are abolished.

Specifying recycled plastics is a real life choice designers, developers and contractors have the resources to make.

Aesthetically; recycled plastics take on the same colouring as wood, can be manufactured to emulate the profile of wood and, installed precisely the same in compliance with DMRB and HCD requirements.  The illustrations are examples of some basic configurations.

FS GoGreen OR-1C.jpg
FS GoGreen OT-3C.jpg
FS GoGreen OVRI.jpg
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