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innovation in illumination

GuardLED is an innovative and unique polyurethane membrane supplied in segments to fit over new and existing road safety barriers for the purpose of creating highway lighting.

The membrane acts as a passive safe cushion to soften the impact of incursions with steel vehicle restraint systems, which is particularly useful for motorcyclists.

The application has no boundaries and can be installed over any vehicle restraint system currently installed on the road network regardless of its manufacturer.  Taking advantage of the GuardLED surface, relevant safety and informative features can be added, for example chevrons or services, markers for slip roads.

GuardLED is particularly ideal for slip roads, curved radius sections, flyovers, viaducts and complex bridges.  For motorways, GuardLED can be utilised to enhance personal safety by illuminating the rest areas and zones around emergency telephone points.
GuardLED is a suitable low cost, carbon efficient replacement to lighting columns.

For applications where the padded features of the polyurethane membrane is not desired, GuardLED can be installed in a fully encased length of LED lighting fastened to any existing infrastructure from existing vehicle safety barriers in steel, concrete barriers, walls and tunnel lining.

For sustainability.  Working in conjunction with our SMART Environmental Solar (fence) Panel (SSP) the GuardLED highway lighting system can be operated using 100% renewable solar energy.  Look for the SMART Solar (fence) Panel on the task bar for a visual concept and please contact us for a brochure.

Further examples of GuardLED can be found by visiting RoadLink on YouTube.

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