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FerroStrada (UK) Limited is a fully compliant construction product engineering company bringing to the construction and building industries innovative engineering solutions in the design, development, production, supply and installation of vehicle restraint systems, environmental products and unique hydraulic box jacking solutions for the installation of reinforced structures beneath live railway lines and roads without interrupting traffic.


Our aim is to provide cost effective and innovative alternative construction solutions developed to save energy, creating carbon efficient concepts to save time with less disruption to the general public.

Innovation means the development of integrated crash tested environmental noise barrier systems and unique patent protected DOLRE bridge parapets purposely designed to reduce transferable impact forces to its supporting structure, offering unprecedented savings for bridge refurbishment projects and parapet upgrades.

FerroStrada is affiliated with Marcegaglia Buildtech srl for the development, supply and install of SteelFlex vehicle restraint systems from N2 containment to H4 - single and double sided systems.

We are committed to Net Zero in construction and actively pursue research and development for the realisation of carbon efficient and sustainable road safety products.  Our vision has pioneered the introduction of vehicle restraint systems and environmental noise barriers manufactured in 100% recyclable and carbon efficient materials that are self-preserving eliminating the need for galvanising as a corrosion protective measure.

Our environmental noise barriers, tested to EN1793 and EN1794 standards are capable of creating renewable solar energy which is supported by our latest innovation to the building industry for the integrated creation of renewable solar energy - The Salva Terra.



FerroStrada is capable of assessing and providing design solutions to existing and new infrastructure. Our technicians operate the latest software and generate technical guidance.


Our dedicated multi-lingual technical support for staff and clients during live projects on-site is unprecedented.  We will work with your team with efficiency and confidence to develop bespoke solutions unique to the problems that arise.

We provide the platform for innovation and we will support new concepts by introducing the latest technology to verify the solutions.





DOLRE bridge parapets developed particularly for bridge refurbishment and parapet upgrades. Making use of patent protected post design DOLRE imparts the lowest impact forces making development cost and time effective.

SMART Panel is a unique boundary, perimeter and construction site fencing system capable of generating renewable solar energy.

SMART Panel can also be supplied as an environmental noise barrier to fully absorb noise pollution without affecting its ability generate renewables.



We have worked with a variety of Clients and have built a solid respectful platform to provide unique support varying from cost effective design assistance and solutions to full implementation of supply and install.


Our clients range in size to large corporations and our niche is helping small and medium sized clients discover new ideas.


FerroStrada (UK) Limited

Venlaw House, Burston Road

The Heywood, South Norfolk, IP22 5SX

Tel: +44 (0) 1379 308 051

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