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FerroStrada (UK) Limited is a fully compliant construction product engineering company bringing to the industry innovative engineering solutions.

From the design and development to the supply and install, FerroStrada aims to provide a complete and integrated service putting the needs of the project first.
Our primary focus remains in the design, development, supply and install of vehicle restraint systems, bridge parapets and environmental noise barriers.

In more recent times, we have incorporated the know-how collected from the delivery of projects since 1998 to create new concepts, innovative and sustainable products capable of generating renewable solar energy. 

Solar farms consume considerable space and are often deemed unsightly.  FerroStrada, working with a strategic supply chain has introduced a range of environmental fencing systems able to create solar energy in the most narrowest of footprints.

Instead of going out we go up.
Making use of our steel manufacturing output we have also created a unique self contained trough filled with soil and planted with a range of flora and fauna. The purpose of the Salva Terra planter is to self-support a unique system that creates renewable solar energy whilst simultaneously encouraging wildlife to interact with people.

Adding extra features such as water displays and advertising panels, the Salva Terra is suited to Towns, Cities, Urban, Rural, Universities and ambient living spaces.

With origins dating back to 1998, FerroStrada (UK) Limited introduced the first Vehicle Restraint Systems in the UK conforming to BS EN 1317. 
Since 1998, we have been embracing passive safety.  We introduce concepts to dissipate energy and a reduction in Acceleration Severity Index (ASI).
We became the first company to introduce H4a and H4b crash tested very high containment bridge parapet systems fastened to a concrete support with a single anchor at 1.5m apart and more recently introduced a patent protected range of bridge parapets designed to limit impact forces offering immeasurable opportunities to save on carbon and costs in both new build and refurbishment bridge projects.

Our affiliation with Marcegaglia Buildtech Srl has spanned almost 20 years and during that time we have built a portfolio of vehicle restraint systems that are unique, cost effective, practical and easy to use.

We, with Marcegaglia, use practical steel thickness in our steel beams which offer above average corrosion protection according to the standards.
We endeavour to procure all our materials from sustainable sources and as far as reasonably possible endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint and general waste to landfill.
Our supply chain has been carefully selected to assist us in reaching our targets and we are proud our materials are 100% recyclable.
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