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DOLRE Bridge Parapets

The FerroStrada Desami DOLRE range of Bridge Parapet systems have been developed with civil and road safety engineering in mind.  Outstanding aesthetically pleasing designs are complimented with effective mechanisms to limit transferable forces to the supporting structure making them highly efficient, attractive, and cost effective solutions for bridge refurbishment projects, parapet upgrades and new build parapet projects.
Supplied in convenient containment options N2 (normal containment), H2 (higher containment) and H4 (very high containment), each DOLRE system is fastened to the bridge with just two mechanically fixed anchors set either side of a purposely formed patent protected post design.  Each post is complimented with two lugs set either side.  The lugs are formed to separate from the anchors during impact thus limiting the transferable loads.
The breakaway post design activates a concept which provides the design envelope for DOLRE systems to be used on any ageing infrastructure, with or without structural steel reinforcement.  In fact, the modest impact loads provide opportunity to embrace creative design, for example, we introduce a NAK system unique to DOLRE bridge parapets.

NAK - is a Non-Anchored Kerb just 650mm wide x 150mm thick
 revolutionary by design to sit directly on top of an existing bridge without the need of any mechanical bonding.  The benefits with using NAK are limitless. No drilling into the existing bridge required, no coring out of additional steel, no damage to the waterproofing and no transfer of loads to the bridge.
Verified by formal impact testing and according to the conditions of EN 1317, the NAK system is the most advanced parapet upgrade and bridge refurbishment solution available and the only known system that does not interfere with the existing structure and its waterproofing.
Please fill out the contact page and request information about NAK.

We have complete technical support and workable drawings at your disposal for your project. Our team is fully prepared to guide you through every stage of the process.  To benefit from the technical assistance available please complete the contacts form for information on how bridge projects become cost effective.

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