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DOLRE Bridge Parapets

The FerroStrada Desami DOLRE range of Bridge Parapet systems have been developed with civil and road safety engineering in mind.  Outstanding aesthetically pleasing designs are complimented with effective mechanisms to limit transferable forces to the supporting structure making them highly efficient, attractive, and cost effective solutions for bridge refurbishment projects, parapet upgrades and new parapet projects.
Supplied in convenient containment options N2 normal containment, H2 higher containment and H4 very high containment, each DOLRE system is fastened to the bridge with just two mechanically fixed anchors either side of an elongated base plate.  The base plate is designed to separate from the anchors during an impact thus limiting the transferable loads, ideal for bridge refurbishment projects and parapet upgrades.
The patent protected breakaway post design activates a heavy chain concept which provides the design envelope for DOLRE systems to be compliantly installed on ageing infrastructure without the need for significant refurbishment and on modest off-bridge concrete foundations of just 150mm.

For the built environment, DOLRE bridge parapets can be installed with an integral, passive safe, and fully compliant highway lighting system.  The LED system is a polyurethane membrane fastened to DOLRE railings with specific artistry.  The LED lighting can provide design solutions to maximise space on the network by the removal of lighting columns.

Full technical support and workable drawings are available upon request. Please complete the contacts form for information on how bridge refurbishment projects and parapet upgrades can become cost effective.

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