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Environmental Perimeter & Boundary Fence

The Etway SMART Solar Sound Panel (SSP) has been developed to provide a suitable and sustainable response to the challenges of reducing noise pollution to urban and industrial areas whilst using the natural environment to create renewable energy.  This new and sustainable product adopts a narrow footprint saving consumption of land whilst all the while producing energy and perimeter security.


The SMART Panel is a perimeter and boundary fence designed to create renewable solar energy and when required can be adapted to perform as a fully integrated Environmental Noise barrier capable of absorbing noise pollution without losing its ability to generate renewable solar energy.


Laboratory tested to conform with all relevant EN standards, the purpose of SMART Panel is to generate sufficient green energy to provide a reliable and constant power source for active construction sites to function without relying on a forced energy supply.

Installation can be adapted to suit the purpose of the application and its height can range from 2m to over 7m.

For temporary applications, our precast concrete division will provide suitable anchor blocks with fast cradle anchor fittings upon which the SMART Panel can be fastened, which is ideal for short term renewable energy supply.

SMART Panel can be used around industrial areas and NHS buildings including hospitals.  Further, SMART Panel can be used as a perimeter fence for housing developments and schools.

Embracing the need to reduce our carbon emissions SMART Panel is our contribution towards saving our planet from further global warming.

Please see our GuardLED page for another good reason to use SMART Panel.


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