FerroStrada (UK) Limited operates a fully integrated Management System to include ISO 9001- ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


We operate an in-house technical development service capable of providing suitable advice and layout drawings to comply with the parameters set out in technical document TD19/06 and Design Manual for Roads and Bridges including Section 278 works.

Housing developers and their designers are especially welcome to contact us for advice before preparing drawings for construction.  Recent enquiries received from designers unfamiliar with the technical attributes of vehicle restraint systems has demonstrated a need for improvement, and we are happy to help.

Our main scope is based on the supply, and when required, installation of Vehicle Restraint Systems and environmental noise barriers.  We do not supply nor install noise barriers made out of wood, but we do supply specialist safety barrier systems for Bascule Bridges and Anti-Suicide Bridge Parapet Systems with a dedicated advertised helpline planted on the device for those suffering from mental health and in need of help.

We support our main activities with the supply of specialist materials such as incremental box jacking reinforced concrete underpasses beneath live railway lines and roads without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Also available, industrial solar energy farms, integrated solar systems and through our supply chain partner Marcegaglia Buildtech, industrial wall and roof cladding (including fire rated cladding).


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