Services and Commitments

FerroStrada (UK) Limited operates a fully integrated Management System which includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 and remains fully committed to protecting the environment, workers rights and equal opportunities.  Whenever there is a requirement to advertise for skilled workers to join our team we shall always ensure all applicants from any colour, race, gender or creed will be granted the very same opportunity without prejudice.

Our policies are uploaded as our commitments of complete transparency and we invite any constructive comment on how we might be able to improve 


We operate an in-house technical development service capable of providing suitable advice and layout drawings to comply with the parameters set out in technical document CD 337 and Design Manual for Roads and Bridges including Section 278 works.

Housing developers and their designers are especially welcome to contact us for advice before preparing drawings for construction.  Recent enquiries received from designers unfamiliar with the technical attributes of vehicle restraint systems has demonstrated a need for improvement, and we are happy to help.

Our main scope is based on the design, development, supply and install of prefabricated concrete structures, patent protected hydraulic box jacking, advanced product manufacturing in steel including crash tested vehicle restraint systems and environmental noise barriers.

In prefabricated concrete, using in-house produced moulds, we can produce an endless variety of bridge structures, viaducts, high speed rail bridges & viaducts, Bascule bridges, nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, pressure vessels and reinforced concrete underpasses.
We support the manufacture of prefabricated structures with a capable installation team equipped with up to date, modern and highly specialised machinery such as launching girders, Incremental launching systems, form travellers, advance shoring, heavy lifting and specialist heavy transport.
FerroStrada operates an oleo-dynamics division have the capacity to rely on patent protected technologies for the hydraulic box jacking of reinforced concrete structures beneath live railway lines and roads without shutting down traffic.  Adopting a purposely designed rail support system, commuter traffic is able to continue operating without any hinderance during the jacking activities.  Trains are permitted to run at a safe speed of 80km/hr whilst vehicular traffic are uninterrupted.
Our steel manufacturing output consists of bridge decks, ancillary support structures, specialist scaffolding systems, lattice frames, overhead gantries, equipment to the power industry, containment tanks, pressurised containers, civic buildings, railway stations, portal frames and road furniture such as Vehicle Restraint Systems and Environmental Noise Barriers.
With origins dating back to 1998, FerroStrada (UK) Limited introduced the first Vehicle Restraint Systems in to the UK impact tested according to BS EN 1317 and remain fully committed to continue developing innovative, useful and cost effective road safety solutions.
Cost effective road safety solutions such as GuardLED.
GuardLED is a polyurethane membrane that fits over the top of new and existing road safety barriers to provide street and highway lighting in replacement of lighting columns.  Since GuardLED operates with LED lighting it consumes a fraction of energy as apposed to lighting columns.
Installed with SMART Panel, GuardLED could supply street and highway lighting fully functional by renewable energy.
Combining our higher containment road safety systems with our perimeter fencing products, we make available impact tested H3 and H4b anti-suicide bridge parapet systems and specialist high containment bridge parapets for Bascule Bridges that can be supplied either completely water tight or on shoes to allow water to pass beneath.
Contact us for further information.
The Products section will provide you with basic guidelines of all the systems available by FerroStrada (UK) Limited - for drawings please email.
If you require technical assistance please revert to our contacts page or call us on 01379 308051.
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