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Safety Systems in Wood

Utilising the aesthetically pleasing and natural properties of wood, FerroStrada is capable of providing a comprehensive range of sympathetically designed and crash tested safety barrier systems in CorTen all-weathering steel with half round wooden logs mounted onto the safety rails.

We support our high quality safety barrier systems with additional features such as bridge parapets, motorcyclist protection, handrail kits for pedestrian and cyclists, pedestrian parapets, car parking systems.


Embracing urban and rural design concepts we conscientiously opted for the main materials to be manufactured in CorTen all-weathering steel for two specific reasons.

CorTen provides a more durable and longer lasting product versus any galvanised steel version. Over a very short period of time, CorTen takes on a natural rustic bronze colouring to blend in with your environment.  For areas of outstanding beauty we can add half round logs to the safety beam and since the remainder of the product is already naturally pleasing, further cladding is not required, which lends itself to becoming cost effective, fewer component parts and significant reduction in maintenance.

Suitably crash tested to EN 1317, CE Marked and Highways England approved these elegant looking safety systems can be installed to a variety of geometrical and aesthetic configurations.

Accessories such as handrails can be attached to standard systems to provide extra safety for cyclists and cycle routes.  A diverse range of posts facilitate the installation procedure without causing disruption to the construction sequence of works.

Treviade N2.jpg
Vehicle Restraint Systems



Produced in the highest of quality and arguably the most comprehensive range of safety barrier systems of its kind click on the image to discover the beauty of wood and how it can enhance your landscape without compromising safety.

pozzolengo-pescantina 007.jpg

A variety of parking systems and protection systems are available for the safety in design and implementation to protect vehicles and pedestrians.


Suitable for country parks, office car parking areas, wildlife trusts and zones of heritage and sensitive to the environment 

Emily Estate - Castle Cary.jpg

Purposely designed bridge parapets in wood succesfully crash tested to high containment level H2.


The system can be mounted on bridges and on concrete string course, suitable for embankments, culverts and of course bridges.

Maniva pedestrian parapet.jpg

The range of pedestrian parapets is supported by the introduction of perimeter fencing and fencing for equestrian use all in wood.


Fully integrated steel bridges encased in wood are also available for pedestrian and light vehicular access.

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