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Vehicle Restraint Systems

SteelFlex Vehicle Restraint Systems have been developed and introduced to the industry in conjunction with Marcegaglia Buildtech Srl captivating the importance of producing exceptionally high quality restraint systems impact tested CE certified to meet the stringent requirements of EN1317.

Developed for a multitude of applications, SteelFlex is supplied in Normal, High and Very High containment classes for both single and double sided applications.

Making use of modern technology the range of products available include integrating the system with additional features developed to save space on the network.

FerroStrada offers a unique supply and install service using directly employed personnel or bona fide sub-contractors.

Please make use of the contacts form to request information about our cost effective vehicle restraint systems
Vehicle Restraint Systems
N2 Single Sided Restraint Systems
H1 Single Sided Restraint Systems
H2 Single Sided Restraint Systems
H3 Single Sided Restraint Systems
H4a Single Sided Restraint Systems
H4b Single Sided Restraint Systems
N2 W2 Double Sided Restraint
H1 W3 Double Sided Restraint
L1 BOX Double Sided Restraint
H2 W4 Double Sided Restraint
H3 W6 Double Sided Restraint
H4 W4 Double Sided Restraint
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