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In the 1970's a concrete profile was developed to contain vehicles, this profile was referred to as New Jersey.


Utilising this profile and converting it into steel, coupled with strategic reinforcement and a simple anchor arrangement, STEELGARD was developed.


Modular in style and robust in nature, STEELGARD has lasted the test of time.  Simplicity and easy to understand, the system is connected together using a specific hinge assembly detail designed to provide a gateway for the distribution of energy amongst its members that requires failure of it's anchors to create a heavy chain mechanism.

By designing a system in this manner means heavier vehicles can be contained without increasing loads to its supporting structure, which is ideal for older bridges in particular.

STEELGARD changed the entire spectrum of vehicle restraint systems.  Old fashioned procedures are replaced with new innovative ideas, and mechanisms to dissipate energy designed to minimise occupant injuries have become more prevalent with designers.


STEELGARD remains the only very high containment restraint system crash tested and approved to both H4a and H4b containment containment classes.


Suitable for bridge applications and verge applications, the system does not require intrusive cradle anchors nor does it require an additional anchor to the rear.

The idea of the system is to reduce loads to the bridge, relieve weight and perform a duty to contain the heaviest of vehicles.


Please contact us for technical drawings and support.

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